External Access

External access is a facility with which staff (and students if required) can access their own documents as well as shared folders from outside of the school network. The system uses SSL to ensure data sent to and from your school network is encrypted providing you with a safe and reliable portal to your resources. This resolves the issue of saving huge amounts of data to your laptop or USB stick which are a major security breach if they fall into the wrong hands and is a much simpler, more straight-forward way of working.

A link can be placed on your website, which prompts for your school username and password. Once you have entered your credentials and logged on you are able to access your ‘My Documents’ area and any shared drives you have on your network (G:).

Once you open one of the drives, you are able to browse your files as though you were in school. You can download any file, make some changes and upload it straight back onto the network. This also means teachers no longer have to remember which version of a particular is the most recent!

… This is a fantastic feature, especially if you need to access important files over the weekend! In just a few clicks of the mouse, we can even save files from home to our school G drive.

Mr Thursby, ICT Co-ordinator, Cherry Willingham Primary School