Green Credentials

Carbon emissions from the IT sector now exceed that of the aviation sector which is a worrying fact. There are some very exciting emerging technologies which are reducing power comsumption and reliance on air conditioning by consolidating resources but this does not mean we can sit back! It was recently estimated that performing a search on Google produces more carbon emissions than boiling a kettle! These are some of the things we are doing to play our part and reduce our carbon footprint:

– the electricy we use in our office is from renewable sources
– our website and every website we host for clients is carbon neutral
– we can resolve over 85% of technical support issues remotely reducing the need to put an engineer on the road
– we run virtual servers to minimise power consumption
– we operate a paper-free office as much as possible
– all of our waste paper is shredded and sent for recycling
– invoices are sent via email in PDF format wherever possible