We are pleased to announce our new ICT Hub for schools opening in May 2013. Feel free to pop in and say hello, have a play with all of this state-of-the-art kit and have a coffee on us!


The Concept

Many schools we speak to are often unsure about how to get the most out of their ICT budget. With the quickly changing ICT hardware/software market, what is up to date one month can quickly become out of date the next. We enjoy attending the BETT show each year and ensuring we keep current with emerging products and services, but many school staff we speak to are not always able to attend. We understand that schools like to fully understand what they are paying for before making the investment and being able to see and have a play with any potential kit first. We decided to bring a similar experience to schools but in a more accessible way …

The Solution

We have opened our ICT Hub which is an open plan showroom adjacent to our offices in Lincoln. We have installed a wide range of  educational ICT products and are fully trained in showcasing each product on its own merits. We are offering all local schools the opportunity to arrange a time to pop in free of charge and have a play with these fantastic products. We believe this is the first of its kind for schools in the East Midlands.

Educational products available in the ICT Hub include:

Interactive Technologies

– Integrated SMART X880 whiteboard and short-throw projector

– Integrated Promethean Whiteboard and short-throw projector

– Clevertouch 65″ LED touch screen interactive display

Computing Hardware

– Samsung 500T1C laptop tablet

– A range of HP and Samung laptops

– A range of HP approved refurbished desktops and monitors

iPad Storage / Synchronisation

– iPad 2 / iPad Mini

– iPorta 16 ChargeConnect

– TabCart 16 ChargeConnect

– iBank 8 Wedge

Wireless Technologies

– A range of managed wireless networks

– Meraki iPad cloud controller

– Lightspeed Mobile Device Management

That’s right – no catch, no charge, no sales lingo by a man in a sharp suit, just friendly chat and good coffee.

To arrange a visit to our ICT Hub please call the office on 01522 718248.