16 May 2017
16 May 2017, Comments: Comments Off on WannaCry Ransomware Security Notice


As has been widely reported over the weekend, a new strain of Ransomware (WannaCry) has caused widespread disruption across multiple organisations in numerous countries. The WannaCrypt ransomware spread to devastating effect last week using worm -like capabilities that relied on a recently patched vulnerability in Microsoft’s SMB file-sharing services (MS17-010). WannaCrypt’s victims included the National Health Service, Spain’s Telefónica and numerous other organisations across the world.

This attack underlines the importance of a good antivirus solution along with regular, controlled patching. We would like to reassure all clients that we proactively monitor and patch all networks and can confirm that the MS17-010 security update was deployed when it was released back in March.

We would like to remind all clients to take the following further action to mitigate this threat:

– updates often require a restart so please ensure your computer is shut down at the end of each day

– avoiding opening unknown email attachments or clicking on links in spam emails

– we strongly discourage the use of Windows XP on any home devices

– if you spot anything suspicious please alert the Avalon helpdesk immediately

If you have any questions, concerns, or are seeking further advice please contact our helpdesk by emailing us at support@avalon-it.co.uk or on 03333 442 482.

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