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Frustrated with your IT? Business being interrupted? Tired of a sub-standard service? Then let us help you by investing ONE hour of your time….
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What is an IT audit?
It’s a four step process;
Due Diligence – We produce an inventory of all your hardware and software including; PC’s, Servers, Applications, licensing, NAS, Routers, Switches, connectivity, security and even Telephony.
Understand – How your infrastructure supports your business and why things are done the way they are? How you support your network? We need this valuable insight to give you the best possible advice to achieve your IT requirements.
Validate – We strive to provide you with validation that your network meets your immediate and future needs.
Advise – If appropriate, we can advise on how to get more from what you’ve got or maybe show you different ways of doing things.

Why have a “FREE” audit?
Whether it’s supporting plans to implement change or to simply understand what’s out there and how it could benefit your business, we’re here to help. Working with an internal team or becoming your outsourced supplier, it makes no difference. What is important is trust from a valued partner who has the experience to deliver sound IT advice and solutions.

How long will it take?
Depending on users and sites, most audits only require one hour of your time before we head off to produce a working document of our findings.

At AVALON IT, we pride ourselves on providing market leading advice and services. Take us up on our offer and see how you could benefit from a host of products and services to reduce costs and increase efficiency. We look forward to hearing from you.

The service we receive and speed at which issues are resolved is outstanding. We are talked through issues in plain English when they arise so we understand why they have occured - Excellent service all round! The Avalon team are a pleasure to deal with ...

Sandra Purdy, Finance Manager - M Gladwin Electrical

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