VOIP Telephony

Hosted VOIP Telephony

No more need for expensive PBX telephone systems and annual maintenance charges. Hosted telephony solutions means your equipment will always have the latest software and won’t need replacing every 5 years. IP trunks replace conventional PSTN or ISDN lines at a fraction of the charge which mean call prices can be reduced by as much as half.

Enhanced features using your internet connections mean multiple sites and home users are integrated seamlessly as extensions to your network. Helpful apps enable easy management of previously complicated features such as call forwarding, voice messaging and fax.

Front line automated attendant can route calls to departments or individuals quickly and efficiently supported by direct dial and voicemail.

Supported remotely by our managed services helpdesk, welcome to a hassle free, low cost alternative to conventional fixed line telephony. Subscription based charging models mean you pay monthly for the users and features you need. There are many different universal IP handsets which we can advise best suit your needs and features.

Our hosted server infrastructure is located in a Tier 3 datacentre and based on VMware virtualisation technology maximising uptime and flexibility.


Benefits of a 3CX hosted phone system

  • Scalable and flexible
  • Fully managed on our dedicated VMware server infrastructure
  • No lengthy contracts on hardware PBX
  • Cheaper call costs
  • Users have freedom to use physical handset, software, or smartphone app to make/receive calls
  • No need for ISDN line rental




The PBX market has been changed for good and telephony as a service is here to stay! Find out how your business could benefit from enhanced functionality and reduced costs by reviewing your existing telephony needs with Avalon!