Wireless Networks

Many schools are realising the need for a managed wireless infrastructure to support their changing IT requirements with the emergence of portable devices.

Is your school interested in iPads? Perhaps you would like to invest in laptops and a laptop trolley but not sure whether your wireless is sufficient?

Traditionally, many schools have a small number of adhoc wireless access points to provide them with some wireless provision. The problem is that these devices cannot be centrally managed and it is not always possible to report on performance, allow guest access etc.

A Managed Wireless Infrastructure uses a controller to join all of the wireless access points together. The wireless network can be configured centrally, allowing security parameters to be configured much more easily. The managed wireless system will react to the number of users and distribute devices among access points automatically when users walk around your school site.

We are experts in the field of Managed Wireless specifically in the education sector. Our wireless networks offer the following:

  • Access Points – Easily install, manage and configure your access points from one central point
  • Map – Upload map images of your school for visual representation of your wireless network
  • Users & Guests – Keep track and control access to specific users/guests on your network
  • Guest Portal Support – Easy customisation and advanced options for guest portals
  • Events & Alerts – Easily keep track of alerts and recent events
  • Statistics – View network traffic statistics in clear and easy to read graphs

For more information on our Schools Managed Wireless system please visit our sister website SchooWifi.

and for a free site survey and demonstration, please contact us on (01522) 718248 or on sales@avalon-it.co.uk